Everyone knows I love a good party, and I really love the creating portion! Back in the age of dial-up internet, my mom was the event queen. I learned tricks to throwing events, that a lot people aren’t privy too. So it’s no surprise that I use what my mother showed me to help others execute their party plans. As a model & photographer, I’ve been at the beginning and ending of events. Below events that I’ve helped with or crafted for will appear.


After Africa

My sister asked me to help her plan her anti-reception after getting married in Africa. This was my first time planning a serious event, and I was the only person in Houston at the time who could go check out all the vendors. Needless to say I learned a lot, but the event definitely received a lot of compliments afterwards. The concept was to have everyone write their wishes for the couple on a balloon. Then release all the balloons into the Houston Skyline.

Theme: Africa Meets French Country

Role: Event Planner & Decorator

Menu: French Quarter Brunch, Textured 3-Layer Cake, and Mimosas

Decorations: Hues of Blush, Pastels, Imported Flowers, Crystal Chargers, Crystal Glasses

Entertainment: DJ, photo ops w/ Houston skyline, posh table games, and writing balloon wishes

Pros: DJ was excellent, and the balloon release was a hit!

Cons: Unorganized & unprepared caterer, and venue’s kitchen going out.

Overall, everyone had a great time. For this being my first event, I was shocked to learn how many people loved it afterwards. However, definitely still room for improvement!


then comes the baby

Not too long after the reception we found out my sister was carrying my niece, and it was time to start planning the baby shower. This involved my sisters & my mother to help execute.

Theme: Kate Spade Stripes & Florals

Role: Decorator, Baker, & Back-up Photographer

Menu: Sweets, Chikfila, Lemonade, Sweet Tea, and other fruity drinks

Decorations: Paper Flowers, Roses, Vases, Striped Ribbons and runners, and hot pink accents

Entertainment: Several baby games, baby headband making station, and the sweets bar

Pros: Another hit! We did awesome, and the event was so great my sister’s friends tried to replicate it. Now that’s trend-setting.

Cons: The weather was cloudy, but that worked in my favor lol.


Sarah jane’s Birthday Extravaganza

Friendships aren’t something I take lightly, so when my friend Sarah-Jane said she wanted to do a celebration over the course of several days I was all in! Sarah-Jane is a blogger too (@sarahjanereign), so she definitely pays a lot of attention to detail. I wanted to make sure we mapped every detail out. We discussed her favorite bars, and activities for a about 5 hours. After this discussion, I was able to figure out what she wanted to do, and the best order to do it in. The goal was to minimize need for decorations, and have affordable activities that would draw people out. 4 days of celebration at 6 different locations is what I came up with! Of course I had to call ahead to every location, and reserve or confirm they had enough room to accommodate a growing group. It was pretty cool to plan this, and watch different crowds of people come out and celebrate!

Theme: Things Sarah-Jane Likes To Do

Role: Event Planner, Decorator, & Photographer

Menu: Mostly alcohol, picnic (featured Jimmy John’s, Coca Cola, Voss, and cake)

Decorations: Balloons to indicate where the birthday girl was, picnic blanket, flowers, picnic basket, and boa for burlesque night

Entertainment: bingo, burlesque show, karaoke, and photo shoot

Pros: The burlesque show I suggested was a hit, and they even took the birthday girl on stage! The bingo night, and bar nights saw a great turnout!

Cons: We had to skip the Burger Grill before the Burlesque, due to the show requiring we be seated earlier.

Another spectacular event under the belt :)