about creole model

Creolophones (Creoles) are people who descend from African, Native American, French or Spanish ancestry. Geographically, most Creoles can be found in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, or Alabama. There are other cultures that refer to themselves at Creoles as well. For example, Haitians and Hawaiians have Creoles, but don't expect the food to taste the same. The representation for Creoles is scarce, but I have a personal vendetta to make sure my culture is never an afterthought!

I am Creole Model.

I was born and raised in Houston, TX, and I was also raised in Mobile, AL. I'm one of those GRITS (Girls Raised In The South). My style is largely influenced by my mother's love of prints, and my aunt's choices of solid bold colors. Being versatile is important, so I try to take on as many styles as possible without sacrificing my twist on it. Modeling is a great portion of what I do aside from photography. Now, my modeling can steadily grow on it's own without clashing into my other ventures. 



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