Alice Briscoe

HOUSTON We Have A Problem!

Alice Briscoe
HOUSTON We Have A Problem!

Autumn has landed!

Summer is officially over for the world, but Houston hasn't received that memo in years! Decades! Maybe even centuries! So I have a  couple of solutions for how to stay fashionable with the rest of the planet in this 90 degree fall weather. Maybe even a couple of cameos too ;)

Fabric Types

The sexiest fabric on the market, may also be your saving grace.........and it's not just lace lol We're talking about all the sheer fabrics! Chiffon, organza, tulle, voile and mesh have your back for this summer to fall transition. The great thing about sheer fabrics is that they allow your skin to BREATHE, and they make you look so stylish! When purchasing your fall wardrobe opt for these sheer fabrics in a fall color scheme (ex. navy, burnt orange, mustard, forest green, black). Embroidery, trim, and stitch work are a visual  bonus!

Denim alone is a great fabric to transition with as well. Go from the sky blue denim to the dark blue, gray, and even black denim color spectrum. It's just that easy, but don't go all Han Solo on me either! I don't want to see the brown boots, dark denim, white shirt, and brown cardigan combination. Maybe a dark denim dress, skirt, or poncho something interesting to make it more than just transitional clothing. My little sister, Catherine, is rocking her dark denim down in Hot-lanta at Spelman. Very nice sis!


Cardigans & Dusters

Photo    Wonderland Exchange      Subjects  Eleanor (left) Aurelia (right)

Photo Wonderland Exchange Subjects Eleanor (left) Aurelia (right)

Cardigans are lightweight yet effectively warm outerwear that won't kill you in the heat or leave you hanging when the wind blows. Remember when Mr. Rogers use to always have a beautiful day in the neighborhood with his red cardigan? Well you can too because cardigans can go over almost anything from your summer closet to help transition into fall. Semi-formal, casual, work, or date outfits can all be transformed with the help of a cardigan. My niece, Eleanor (pictured above), likes to rock her cardigans with a fabric bow for extra style points ;)

Dusters are a fashionable option for the extravagant population. Reap the same comforts of  wearing a cardigan, but with more style! Most dusters can be cinched with a belt around the waist to highlight your curves or worn with boots to give it that sophisticated flair. Go from peasant to queen instantly! The duster can elevate any ensemble, and some can even be bought sleeveless.

These two options are ideal because they're lightweight, and if it gets too hot during the day you can easily pack it into your bag. On the flip-side, if it gets windy unexpectedly, you're not entirely at the mercy of cold temperatures.


Boots Are Made For Crossing

The time has come to put your sandals away....and cross over to the cute boots, and booties rolling out for fall. These are the shoes that go with skater dresses, fitted dresses, pants, skinny legs, jeggings, and more! Black, tan, beige, and even red colors are already hitting the shelves. My current favorite is the lace-up boot because of the rustic, and timeless effect it has in photos. Catherine is here one more time to show you how easily boots add depth to a simple outfit :)

Photo    Wonderland Exchange    Subject   Catherine

Photo Wonderland Exchange Subject Catherine

Hopefully, you found this article helpful on your fall wardrobe shopping expeditions! Living in Houston fashionably is tough, but shoot for the moon and at least you'll land among the stars***

Until next time folks!