Alice Briscoe

Betty Brings Down the House

Alice Briscoe
Betty Brings Down the House

Betty Branch, owner of The House of Couture Houston, brought us a wonderful evening of fashion entitled “Your Image Speaks Volumes”. Don’t take my word for it Roderick Lightfoot was there to capture the looks, fun, and fierceness! We’ll get to those shots shortly, but let me describe the occasion.

Firstly, it was free! Yes you missed an amazing free event! A normal event would have a price tag for a DJ, seating, food, and drinks but Betty wanted her guest to be worry-free.


Secondly, the set up did not exist when I first arrived. Models usually arrive first for make-up, and I was the first one there. Basically, I was able to shop around her store before the show to get an idea of what I would be wearing (and later purchasing lol). The store is always glamorous, but only Betty could morph that store into 2 runway aisles. She also had her children on board as set directors, and they were really helpful throughout the entire process. By the time Dietra finished beating my face, the store was transformed with people and music.


Thirdly, the show was great from the outside, and it was a well-oiled machine behind the scenes. Models had already been fitted for their outfits, we were snacking and laughing until showtime. Betty’s assistants kept us organized, and ready to line up for each segment. Now to my favorite part of this article…the FASHIONS!


Kari is serving you Devil’s sharp in this red cape dress!

Joy “The Platinum Diva” brings these looks to LIFE and gave everyone in the room their entire LIFE!

Meka “Chocolate China” serving the audience power, confidence and SEXYYYYYY!

Shavon did not come to play, she came to SLAY!

You would think Drea had two personalities the way she served these completely different looks. Work it Drea! From Shortbread Lyon to Boo Boo Kitten real quick!

Oh yea then there’s me, and boy I was I on cloud nine! The audience made you feel so comfortable, and I was able to have fun with these looks.

Lastly, the night was a great success! the audience was so excited about the fashions, that they were trying on everything we modeled. A lot of them were telling me their plans for their new outfits. I can’t wait to see how they rock them!

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